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This is the first time in history that different religions and different beliefs have the same frame of mind; to seek happiness and peace within.

Saturday July 10th, 2010, should be deemed as a historical day that should be inscribed to remember because it was the first time both Buddhists and Christians stood as one. Even though there were differences in religion and beliefs, everyone’s state of mind was set to find happiness and peace within through mediation. Phra Niran Suveero was invited to a famous city in Oregon, 6 hours away from Portland, by Mrs. Else. There was also cooperation from Mrs. Rachel Volphy, the president of The Unity of Bandon Church. On July 10th, Phra Niran Suveero guided the Bandon community through a meditation session. More than 80 people in the community of Bandon came to participate and practice meditation together. The room was so crowded that there were not enough chairs to go around. Some people agreed to sit on the floor as long as they received the opportunity to learn the meditation technique as well.

The program started with Dr. Sith Chaisurote, who gave a welcoming speech and the schedule of activities for the day. After that, everyone participated in a light exercise to relax every part of the body in order to be comfortable before meditation. Then Phra Niran Suveero talked about

the history of Phra Monkolthepmuni, the great master Dhammakaya founder of the seventh base of the mind, and explained the benefit to practicing meditation. Everyone listened intently and some people took notes of the Monk’s sermon. After the sermon, Phra Niran lead everyone through a 40 minute meditation session during which he introduced the mantra of “summa ara hung,” in which everyone was able to repeat. After the meditation session, Phra Niran answered the participants’ questions, examined their experiences, and advised everyone to continually practice meditation.

Afterwards, the participants wrote of their experience in a short note. From discussions after the session, many people had a good experience. Some found happiness and peace within. Many were impressed that the Oregon Meditation Center went out to share our Dhammakaya method of obtaining happiness. Before heading back to Portland, the church congregation and temple staff took a picture together. The entire day was wonderful, filled with delight, joy, and unforgettable memories.

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